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It costs you nothing to express your support for our plan for an online environment where authenticity and privacy are a given and where spam, predation, malware and botnets are things of the past. Simply sign our WTSA Memorandum of Support.

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The Memorandum of Support

To Hamadoun Touré and Alexander Ntoko

We who have signed this Memorandum of Support have read the International Telecommunication Union's World e-Trust Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). We are individuals and thus are not eligible to become signatories to the MoU. Notwithstanding that ineligibility, we are in support of the objectives and methods described in the MoU.

We understand that the Charter of the International Telecommunication Union specifies that its actions be governed by the consensus of its members. We further understand that the ITU's Global Cybersecurity Agenda, its Botnet Mitigation initiative, and other efforts to reduce fraud, predation, crime and the spread of malware via the Internet must be managed in accordance with the ITU Charter.

However, we feel that the increasing incidence of such online fraud, predation, crime and spread of malware calls for decisive action by the ITU's leadership. We believe that it is the intent of the ITU's leadership to produce and implement plans to mitigate these problems as quickly as possible. Hereby we the Signatories to the World Trust Memorandum of Support go on record as encouraging the leadership of the ITU to proceed with all due speed and decisiveness in solving the problems of fraud, predation, crime, invasion of privacy and the spread of malware on the Internet.


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The Signatories

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